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Case Study: Cloud Solutions In Action

How Microsoft Office 365 Can Transform Your Business

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Cloud Based Solutions In Action

Recently, we wrote a case study to show exactly how we helped Smart Choice roofing company migrate to Microsoft Office 365’s cloud-based solution. From the start, they notice that they were able to save time and money transitioning from outdated communication techniques to the more cohesive and reliable Microsoft Office 365.

But there were many other benefits this roofing company experienced after the switch, including:

  • Attracting new customers and partners on a global stage
  • Better communication between locations, staff, and contractors
  • Quicker onboarding processes for contractors
  • Improved ability to work in real time as a team regardless of location of team members
  • And more!

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What Smart Choice Roofing Company Has to Say

“We may be a mom-and-pop company, but with social media, a great website, and the tools in Office 365, we can put our best face forward to attract new customers and partners.”

“There are a lot of details in these documents, so working on them together—me on my screen and my assistant on hers—is very beneficial.”