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9 Myths About Moving to the Cloud

What you really need to know about moving to Microsoft Office 365.

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Here's the nine myths that you'll learn the truth about in our ebook

  1. Office 365 is just Office tools in the cloud, and I can only use it online.
  2. If our data moves to the cloud, our business will no longer have control over our technology.
  3. Keeping data on-premises is safer than in the cloud.
  4. I must move everything to the cloud; it is an all-or-nothing scenario.
  5. Cloud migration is too much for my business to handle.
  6. Corporate spies, cyberthieves, and governments will have access to my data if it is in the cloud.
  7. Skype and Skype for Business are one and the same.
  8. Email isn’t any simpler in the cloud.
  9. Continuously updating Office 365 will break my critical business applications.

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What Some of Our Clients Have To Say

"If you’re looking for a company to support your SharePoint needs, look no further than Vorsite. They are extremely responsive to all of our Office 365 needs and are our first and ONLY call when we need help. No need to ever call Microsoft for help anymore… we just call Vorsite and they take care of the problem. And with all of the constant patching and upgrades that are needed to keep the application running, we now have a reliable company that manages all of that for us. We just log-in and use it!" 
- Greg, IT Director

"Vorsite did an incredible job helping Laird Norton migrate to Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Because of their extensive experience with SharePoint, Vorsite was able to provide the skills and knowledge that we did not have at a very reasonable price. Their expertise and service far surpassed our expectations – they knocked it out of the park. We can now effectively manage and share files within the organization and with external partners allowing us to collaborate on projects with team members who are on the go or located remotely." 
- Sally, CFO

"The move to Office 365 has changed my role for the better. I no longer manage hardware. I manage services."
- Sean, IT Manager